Welcome to Zerow, an initiative which aims to calculate and eliminate the emission producing components of the sport of rowing, and attempting to make it a sustainable sport.

In the public, and even the rowing community, pollution and waste caused by rowing is a topic almost ingnored.This is mainly caused by the facts that rowing is a seemingly pollution free sport.

But is really so?

When looking up “rowing pollution waste”, the first response that comes up is by olympic.org which states that: 

“It is possible to row without any negative impact on the natural environment. As with other navigation sports, it does no physical damage to the environment and produces no solid, liquid or gaseous waste or pollutants, and uses no resources from the environment”.

Although that is a true statement at its core it does not take into account every other aspect of the sport, which it could not really function without. Because of rowing’s reputation the issue of how much waste it generates has never been brought up and therefore it has never been discussed nor addressed.

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