One day while I was in quarantine due to Covid-19. I realized that I had a lot of time on my hands, and that I should probably do something with it. I started thinking of possible projects that I could start, and after seeing the effect that quarantine had on the environment, and CO2 emissions, especially because of how much Covid victims were affected by pollution, I started to think.

After a brief research I found some initiatives like the Carbonzerow which - through an impactful challenge - suggested the need to “show and tell” about climate and rowing. However this beautiful initiative seemed more a sort of once-in-time while I realised that sport, every sport, need and can do a lot more, in a more systematic and consistent way. So I decided to start from my sport, rowing, and build a sort of a platform of awareness and action that - if successful - others can follow.

I began to wonder how much I was personally contributing to these emissions, and even more importantly how much the things I loved doing were contributing. I set my eyes on my rowing team as it is not usually seen as a very wasteful sport, and there is little to no data on its environmental effects. So I decided that I should be the one to calculate what effect the sport I love has on the world, and how I can help to minimize it.

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