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Zerow is an initiative which aims to calculate and eliminate the emission producing components of the sport of rowing, and attempting to make it a sustainable sport. Though starting with only my boat, the goal is to expand it to my entire team, and hopefully beyond that, creating a network of teams who are all connected by this common goal.

Zerow is considering the impact of the following KPIs.

While looking for solutions I realized that there were some things that were simply out of our hands, and essentially unfixable. To stay true to the projects’ philosophy I had to find a way to truly make our impact zero. I decided to find other outside programs, such as planting trees, as a way to counter those extra emissions and bringing our emissions to zero.

I found that implementing the project could also bring its own challenges as convincing people to set of rules is not the easiest thing to do. But with negotiation and compromising we were able to realize that the project could benefit everyone. That way I was able to gain support for it.

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I started to collect information to create an approximate calculation of my boat's waste. I took into account every single thing, even if it was something that was out fo our control or that could not be improved upon. After that was finished I started to come up with possible solutions. I found that there were a lot of simple things to solve many of our problems. Things such as carpooling, electric engines for our launches, improved recycling, and finding ecological and reusable daily objects could have a huge impact.

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